Barbershop Just for Men

About us

Barbershop Just for Men has been around since 2000 and is run by owner Tjeu Waart who has worked since 1982 as a hairstylist in Amstelveen. He works with two permanent employees, Patricia and Faishol, who can also provide a good haircut to female clients.

The prices mentioned in our price list are all in. We charge nothing extra for washing and / or drying or arranging care or styling products. You will never be surprised this way.

We want our customers to feel at ease. While waiting, you can read our wide range of magazines or surf on your smartphone or laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. You can pour it yourself, but of course we also like to serve it for you.

We look forward to your visit to our salon.

About us

Bourgondischelaan 36
1186 DD Amstelveen

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